World Masters Games, Lions Rugby Tour, Auckland is busy this Winter Season!

19 Apr World Masters Games, Lions Rugby Tour, Auckland is busy this Winter Season!

Well good afternoon all you lovely guys sitting down having a read through our blog! It’s been a while since the last update so sorry for the delays here, i know you miss the riveting dialogue i put through these here blog posts!!

It’s mid April now and that means we’ve got the World Masters Games right around the corner! That’s right, New Zealand has it’s very own mini scale Olympics right on the tail end of the Rio Olympics last year, in which our very own Kiwi, Dylan, who took New Zealand through to the finals in his Trampoline events!
It’s going to be an epic time over the 10 days these events are running! They’ve got heaps underway and heaps planned to happen, it’s going to be massive so make sure to get into the city and check out all the goodies on display!

Dylan, took New Zealand to finals in Rio Olympics

And shortly after that we’ve got THE LIONS! RUBGY! It’s going to be an epic time, matches across the country, people coming from all over NZ as well as all over the world, and in the hub of it all, OTAUTAHI! We’re amped for this, it’s going to be awesome, big nights and big days, big games and big plays, we’re facing off against the world again and it’s time for the AB’s to show what we got again!!
It’s going to be an awesome time, we’re going to be getting some custom Lions Rugby Tour tee’s made up and we’re going to be jigging our hours to suit the extra traffic as well!
I know many of you are going to be involved and traveling around to check out these games so make sure to get in touch with your local Otautahi Tattoo whether it’s Auckland, Christchurch or Queenstown, we’ve got teams to cover any and all artwork you’re needing done!

Lions Tour Tee Draft 1

Get at us. Get yourself some new artwork. Get supporting the movement.