At Ōtautahi Tattoo Christchurch, we use the Eclipse Q machine.  The special wavelength of the YAG laser can penetrate the skin with the use of “selective laser decomposing”.  This machine uses the laser wave to break up the tattoo ink into pieces, which can be naturally absorbed and excreted by the body, this is when the tattoo begins to fade.  The 1064nm wavelength shatters and removes black and blue tattoo ink, while the 532nm wavelength shatters and removes red, pink, purple, and brown tattoo inks.  The instrument does this all without damaging the skin tissue.

On average, tattoos require 5-10 sessions for full removal or 2-4 sessions to lighten for effective cover ups.  All sessions need to be spaced a minimum of 6 weeks apart to avoid damaging the skin tissue and scarring.  The number of sessions required vary on each client; it depends on the placement, type of ink, and colour of the tattoo.



Initial Consultation – $50 (this is a deposit, it will be taken off the overall price on the day you come in to get a laser treatment)

We want to offer an affordable option for clients who have regretful tattoos, so our fees start from as little as $50/session depending on the size of the tattoo.

We offer laser removal sessions every Monday and Tuesday from 10:30am – 4:30pm.

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