Otautahi Christchurch – Chch, We’re back!

21 Nov Otautahi Christchurch – Chch, We’re back!

Well, with August already halfway done, with the year being well into its second half, and with the pipelines of Otautahi fit to burst!- we are very excited to say that Otautahi Tattoo Christchurch is right around the corner from opening it’s doors!! with a new crew and the addition of a few familiar faces from Otautahi Tattoo and around Christchurch City, the doors are set to open at Shop 3, 62 Riccarton Road, in the next few days! With a team catering some new faces the shop will be open and ready to take on many of the artist challenges provided by such a diverse city, as well as a city still rebuilding, but with artists specializing in Maori Ta Moko, South Pacific Tatau, Lettering, Black and Grey Portraiture and Realism, as well as many other styles of tattoo, the Christchurch – chch – team are ready and waiting for the doors to swing open, the clients to flow through and the machines to start humming!

So guys, if you’ve been thinking that it’s time for some new work, you’ve been milling around Christchurch trying to track down the right artist to work on your design, or you’ve just been thinking that it’s time for some new ink, possibly even you’re thinking that you’ve already had you last and final tattoo?? well ou best make sure to visit and get a wee something done to comemorate Otautahi Tattoo opening it’s doors yet again to it’s hometown of Otautahi, Christchurch, Chch, the not-so-garden filled city!

Now while you’re thinking of what to come and get, here’s a bit of progress form the last few days spent in the store where Brad has been working away like a mad-man to get this beauty up and ready to open!

Christchurch Tattoo Arist

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