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Why wouldn’t you be, with the most astounding techniques and time put into this style of tattoo, it is basically a photo on the skin applied by ever-talented realism artists, who bring the true meaning to the saying patience is a virtue.

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What is Realism Tattoo?

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History of Realism Tattoo

Realism derived from Chicano jail tattoos in California around the early 70s. Due to homemade machines (and other homemade tattoo equipment), guitar string tattoo needles offered extremely fine lines. Segregation within prisons meant Chicanos were kept together and all the tattoos were kept within their culture.

This meant the Catholicism imagery was at the forefront, with tattoos often seen in so many amazing chapels, cathedrals, Aztec stonework and Mexican war heroes now adorned on the skin of fellow inmates.

Freddy Negrete, a renowned Chicano tattooer, was released from jail in 1977 and went to work at ‘Good Time Charlies Tattoo land’ where he and the shop elevated this Chicano style to black and grey realism that captured the global eye, and pushed the up and coming international trend. There are so many different styles and formats of the application involved within the umbrella of realism. While some prefer classic black and grey, others push for highly saturated colours.

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