Wu Tang Clan, Otautahi Tattoo, Illicit Clothing

03 Nov Wu Tang Clan, Otautahi Tattoo, Illicit Clothing

wu tang illicit clothing otautahi tattoo facebook event banner


Well guys, we’ve got some rather epic news to share with you all… Illicit Clothing has signed up as the official Australasian manufacturers, designers and distributors of Wu-Tang branded streetwear, in partnership with Wu World and Wu Tang management, and Illicit are working directly alongside Otautahi in this venture and to take off with this we’re hosting an event in all three of our stores over the weekend of 26-27th November with merch sales and a bunch of the artists getting drawing up some dope wu themed flash!

We’ve got a night set up to compliment this as well in Christchurch at the Cotton Club so far, and more plans in the works to get this happening through our other stores as well!

Keep an eye out on our social media as well for more updates ad more promo! We’ll be keeping things posted up about this all quite often, so check out the facebook event page, share it around, then share it around later on to make sure everyone gets involved! This is only going to get bigger and better as well, you guys are gonna be more than stoked with where this takes us!

Wu forever!