Winter is Coming!

21 Nov Winter is Coming!

Good afternoon all! We’re coming up on the end of April and with this we’ve only got one more month before Winter arrives in full force… but alas, Winter has already shown a look into what we’ve got in store with some heavy snowfalls earlier this month already! We had some large drifts coming throughout the weekend of the 13th of April, and a few of the locals are Queenstown ways snuck in a hike or two to get a few warm up runs down the mountains and get a board back under their feet!

It’s been a good time here at Otautahi Tattoo Queenstown with some fun pieces coming through the doors, some wicked guest artists covering ranges of work from realism and japanese to some wicked maori ta moko and kirituhi artists! We’ve got one of these coming through in two weeks, a man named Russell Wilson, who has some next level moko mahi and is ready to get some wicked designs drawn and tattooed while he’s here!

We’ve got two more Traditional and Old School specialist artist coming through to work with us here in Queenstown in the middle of May to cover our favourite frenchie, Remi, while he’s looking after a friends shop back in France for the month of May. We’ve got Ryan Ando Anderson and his friend Mark Murray, coming through working split shifts to cover the time here and make the most of the extra time to try and do some of their own mountain climbs and snow runs if the weather permits again!

Check out their work here on Tumblr, for Ryan’s work and here on Facebook, for Mark’s work!

Tattoo in Queenstown

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