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14 Sep Travels and Tours, Conventions and Tattoos, Culture Around the World

Kia Ora Whanau!
Hello and welcome friends and family!

We’ve recently had one of our newest moko artists, an upcoming talent by the name, Te Kanawa, be invited over to participate in the Amsterdam Tattoo Convention recently along with some of the crew from Karanga Ink. An experience he’s not going to be forgetting soon that’s for sure!
Not only was there tattooing to be done, meeting other amazingly talented international artists, but also performing the traditional Kiwi Haka along with other shows and stories, photos and videos and some epic journeys around the fount of history that covers Europe.

Massive shout out to both Total Tattoo Magazine and Tattoo Master Magazine for both the features they have on this all, there are some amazing photos in there and some excellent editorials too, make sure you check them out, give them a look and share them around, help spread the word and the love of culture and diversity!

Te Kanawa specializes in Maori Ta Moko and Kirituhi tattoo, bringing his own culture to the fore, spreading the beauty of the maori culture and it’s art form, giving people meaningful pieces that represent who they are, tell their story and their journey. He’s got a flare for detail, an eye for some crazy flow and fit to the bodies natural forms and shapes, along with a handsome face to sweeten the deal and set you at ease, if you’ve been after some moko, this is your man!!
For all inquiries in regards to this, and definitely to get in touch about booking in to see Te Kanawa, get at us via email, to secure a time to at least come in and chat your ideas over with Te Kanawa or another of the crew!