It has been a busy last few months not only in Otautahi Tattoo Christchurch but in Christchurch itself with The mighty Crusaders winning their 8th Super Rugby championship against The Lions in Johannesburg! Which as we watched were beyond proud of back Home in the 03.

But it came to a surprise when some of the team themselves came in the day after getting back late the night before! It is always an honour to have the boys in the studio and this time we made three new friends with the some of the champions themselves being Mitchell Drummond,George Bridge and Mitchell Hunt.
Thank you again for coming to see us!

We  also had the honour of doing an incredible Ta moko piece on one of the main engineers on The Sofia  which is the latest airborne observatory on the planet as well as one of the most expensive planes that is currently in existence! One of the main jobs for this engineer is checking and protecting the current telescope which is called FORCAST. One of the greatest things about working in this industry and at Otautahi is the stories that we here and the people that we get to meet as we go about our business! Check out a video of the piece as well as some images of The Sofia below!  



This Ta moko piece was done by the artist Tony if you are keen to get Ta moko piece by Tony or another one of our Ta moko artists then call us on 03 343 3073 or email us at to get yourself booked in!


Finally we are stoked  to announce the arrival of our next guest artist which is the rad Black & Grey artist Emanuele who is visiting us all the way from Italy!


Manni is here now – TBC. (Check out some of the available flash pieces on our Instagram or Facebook page!!)
Emanuele will be with us till there is no more work for him so get in quick before he goes.

Email us now to confirm your space, share your idea or get a special rate on one of his flash pieces!

Check out his Instagram #manni_maker
Check us out on Instagram #otchch


Here is just a sneak peek of a few pieces Manni has done!


Remember Emanuele’s time with us is limited so if your keen to get a piece from us then  is going to make sure to follow up with the shop on 03 343 3073 or to get yourself booked in before it is too late!

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