OTAUTAHI Blog is back

22 Dec OTAUTAHI Blog is back

Hey guys, we decided it was time to start up a blog again and get some words out to keep you all informed of some cool stuff happening at Otautahi!

We’ve just  been informed of an upcoming L&P commercial where they’re searching for some tattooed males to get on TV!
They’re looking for some guys between 17 and 25 to show off their ink for the camera and get themselves on TV showing their ink work, I’d say this is a good step in the right direction for tattoo acceptance!

If you’re checking this out and you’re keen to jump on board they’re taking castings this Thursday the 13th and then Friday the 14th of September! contact through to Mike Dwyer on 09 3761000 or 021615489!
You never know, you could just become world famous famous in New Zealand… since ages ago!