Jetstar, Maori Ta Moko, and FLying high with Otautahi!

21 Nov Jetstar, Maori Ta Moko, and FLying high with Otautahi!

Well, well guys! Guess who you can check out the latest and greatest about while you’re flying around NZ or to Aus, sitting in the narrow chair with your knees locked up against the chair in front of you.. we all love Jetstar for their value flying and now we love them even more for the value reading! The article features heavily around Maori design, Ta Moko tattoo, and how this is far more than just a design, far more than just lines in your skin, it’s to tell the story of the one wearing the piece and the ancestry they carry in their blood which is now immortalized in the flesh.

The article approaches traditional Maori tattoo from a couple perspectives, looking over the past and the present of how Ta Moko is involved in society and the Maori culture, through to non Maori wearing the artwork, this is not Ta Moko design but what has been called Kirituhi, ‘skin art’, which does not hold the rich meaning of Ta Moko, but is stylized by the artist to tell the story of the wearers life.

To check out the article itself i’ve attached a link at the bottom of this blog post as well so make sure to give it a read! and if you’re heading out and about catching a flight and you’re flying Jetstar, make sure to keep an eye out for the article in print!

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