22 Dec I GOT THIS!

“My greatest wish is to host a charity bash with the purpose to raise funds for CanTeen in thanking them for their awesome support but also to help them to continue doing what they do for the many youth of Aotearoa who are battling cancer” a great statement by an amazing girl, Waiariki Rakena.

This young lady has recently lost her battle with cancer earlier in 2012 and her sister is now continuing to fulfill her dream of her cancer fundraiser for CanTeen with quite the event!
Anya Rakena has been in touch with one of our staff and we have offered forth a $500 tattoo voucher towards a ta moko with Mike Sokolich, there are also many other people and organizations have come forth to help with donations towards this event too! The event is happening in Mangere on Ruaiti Rd on the 8th of December from 9am to 5pm, a full day event of live music, mean vibes and some fresh kai, there’s even a kids zone to keep them out of your hair for a while whilst you check out the rest of the event! so guys, get involved and become a part of something bigger than yourselves!