Hey guys! We’ve got some mroe exciting stuff happening with Otautahi lately! We’ve got some new web design work in the wings, new artists have been joining the team and some new guest artists coming through as well! Currently we’ve got one heck of a talented artist coming over from Valley Ink in Brisbane, Broderick Parkinson, bringing some wicked Neo Traditional styles to Queenstown! He’s going to be here for two weeks from the 24th of August through until the start of September! We’ve got some flash he’s drawn up lately to entice you and get your creative juices flowing for thinking up something good of your own if the flash doesn’t tickle your fancy!
Following that we’ve got a Korean artist lined up and another rad tattooer from the UK as well!

In addition to the new guest artists, we’ve got some new faces to add to the teams across the country too! We’ve had a new neo artist and a new moko artist to join the team up in AKL, two awesome guys, Mike Pope and Jordan Clarke, both working full time up in Auckland! The Christchurch team has also had a new addition with an apprentice moko artist, Reggie, learning the trade and getting some nice kirituhi worked up!

Keep an eye out for more updates from the shops and more of the wicked artwork you’ve come to love from us! we’ve only got more goodies to show you all!

Tattoo Artist Auckland

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