Guest Artist crazy in Christchurch!

20 Apr Guest Artist crazy in Christchurch!

With May now just around the corner and the 03 weather getting colder what a better time then now to get a new piece done in the garden city of Christchurch!

Business has never been busier But never fear, With that in mind we’ve had some incredible guest artists over the last month come and go with more to come!

We were lucky enough to have with us for a short time the Ta Moko artist//craver Tane Lagah who was great fun to have around the shop, Check out below two of the pieces he did while he was here with us!

We have also had the incredibly talented artist Artchie with us for the last few weeks hailing all the way from Germany, Artchie is with us for the rest of April and leaves us early May, So if You are wanting a black and grey realism piece then make sure You flick us an email now before it is too late!

Check out Artchie on Instagram –

Check out below the full & half sleeve Artchie has done while being in Christchurch!

Finally we are excited to announce the arrival of our next guest Artist Twigs!! , Check out Twigs out on instagram – Twigs is part of the Otautahi family located in our Auckland shop, starting off their as an Apprentice back in the day!

We are excited to have Twigs in our Christchurch shop for the first time!, He has started to create a good name for himself getting amazing designs done for a myriad of customers from different walks of life.

If you’re a fan of old school,Traditional Japanese & neo traditional , then this is the man for you to check out! Check out below some of his previeous work!

He’s going to be here with us from the 27th April to the 8th of May 2017, so make sure to follow up with the shop on 03 343 3073 or to get yourself booked in!
He is specially creating some flash designs ready for his trip!
He’s only going to be here short term, so look out on social media!

Facebook –
Instagram –

pick your favourite, get in touch with the shop, and get something epic!

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