We had Keven Mealamu in the other week with our boy Brock Fidow getting some color neo trad style roses on his forearms! The pieces came up mean and we were super stoked to be graced by the presence, and to have the honor of inking yet another member of the All Blacks, the worlds best! Here’s a looksie at Brock and Keven at work.


Kevin Mealamu

Brock has also been hard at work doing up prints of one of his latest draw ups! check these bad boys out and message through to his Facebook at www.facebook.com/brock.fidow to grab one for yourself! numbers are limited so get in there asap to get your hands on this biatch!



With the work flowing out the doors we’ve been eased into 2013 with a smooth January, big pieces, lots of bookings and fun jobs help the days go by fast and keep the atmosphere rocking!
Our apprentice Roger Moore is graduating to a full time artist at the end of the month and his work is definitely getting out there! with some epic detailing and an eye for some realistic detailing Roger is an artist to keep an eye on as he is just about to explode!
Exciting times are coming for a few of the artists who are headed over to Europe to hit up a convention in Hamme, then head to Munich to Tattoo for a week working a guest spot from Voodoo Croo with the lovely Iris, so if you’ve over those ways in April check out the store they’re working from and book in to see them!