Fresh website, new blog, fresh snow and more!

15 Jun Fresh website, new blog, fresh snow and more!

G’day guys! We’re off and underway with our new website, it’s been up for a wee while and the final tweaks and changes have been made! we’ve got the finished product up and ready for action!! we’ve changed up the displays totally, a new visual and feel to keep up with our own creative medium, to capture you and keep you wanting to see more of the goodness you know and love from us! We’ve restructured a bit of the galleries, the teams and the contacts as well to keep you all on your toes!
But the main element we’ve pushed for, the newsletter, is up and ready! so get signing yourself up and get involved one step further with Otautahi!

Screen Shot 2016-06-15 at 5.24.30 PM

The teams at Otautahi all share the same passion for tattoo art and many other mediums this can be portrayed in as well. Each artist and crew member all bring their own flavour and unique style to the table for each and every job we take on, from your little rib script through to the full Irezumi/Japanese back piece! Our aim is to make sure that whatever the idea, whatever the piece, we make sure that when you walk in through the doors to when you leave, that you’re absolutely stoked on what you’ve gotten done, and we stand by that!

So get yourself signed up back on the homepage of the site, it’s quick and easy and you can easily unsubscribe at any time, or simply let us know and we can take you off the mailing lists too! We’ll also every now and then be posting up deals and even giveaways via the newsletter that may not appear through our other social media outlets, meaning that being signed up to follow up here may let you in on a few extra goodies not available anywhere else! So make sure to spread the word and get as many people signed up as you can!

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Thanks to all of you for following and supporting us across the years of our journey, and remember “our mission is amazingness”
Peace out!