Artists and Guest Artists and Tattoo Artists

18 Feb Artists and Guest Artists and Tattoo Artists

G’day followers and friends and clients and customers!! how’s 2017 treating you all so far?
Here at Otautahi Tattoo Auckland we have some big changes going on with not only one, but two members of the team heading off around the world to continue travels and start new adventures. We’ve got our lovely lady Annie Love taking off early in March and Damian Welch is heading to Europe in the middle of the year.

So while we have a sad situation with the loss of some valuable members of the team, we’re going to make sure that the next artist we get in here to replace them is amazing! And in the meantime, we’re going to be getting a few awesome guest artists through to cover the time until we find the next best black and grey and realism artist for the crew!

Coming up at the start of March we have Artchie, a german artist with a flare for black and grey realism, coming to work with us for the month of March and maybe a little longer, with the possibility of him heading down to our Christchurch studio as well! He’s been building his portfolio which you can check out on instagram, then get in touch with the shop here in Auckland to get yourself booked in!

Keep an eye out for more updates in the coming weeks for more artists we have sorted to visit and for any info on when he may be heading down to the south island and getting in to the Christchurch shop if it works out!

Holla on 09 337 0694 or email to to book in!!